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Recycle Shop PX

Located close to the base with over 10,000 items for sale, you will find everything you need at Recycle Shop PX.

We buy and sell used items. When it comes time to move, contact us to sell your unnecessary items. Whether newly arrived or leaving Yokosuka, we offer goods and services to meet your moving needs.
Dozens of foreign customers come to our shop every day. Some buy everyday necessities, and others are intrigued by inexpensive Japanese products that they have never seen before.
We deliver to addresses on and off base. (a paid service)
Please drop in any time.
Getting rid of things is a pain in Japan. Why not make it easier on yourself when moving home? Let us buy your used items. We have Japanese dolls and other great souvenirs to remember your time in Japan.

Shop Name Recycle Shop PX
Address 238-0007 view map
3-4-4 Wakamatsucho, Yokosuka
Area Chuo Station
TEL/FAX 046-822-5558 / 046-822-5588
Opening Hours 10:30 - 19:00
Closed Wednesdays


Beds are the most popular resale item

Double and semi-doubles beds are in high demand.
If you are lucky enough to see one in the store, you better buy it on the spot, because they disappear almost as soon as they arrive. Don't regret missing your chance!

Antique furniture

We sell expensive antique furniture for less than listed prices.
We buy a variety of goods, including sofas, double beds, semi-doubles, televisions, lamps and lighting, microwave ovens, and gas stoves.
Feel free to contact us.

We buy Japanese cupboards!

Japanese cupboards are very popular among foreign housewives, but used pieces are hard to find.
Contact us if you have one to sell.