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Ionic Chiropractic KAIFUKUYA

We wish for a healthy and comfortable life for the people of our community.

We are a community-based chiropractic clinic, which is located in Funakoshi-cho, Yokosuka.
Please feel free to visit us if you experience any bodily pain or anxiety about your body.

Shop Name Ionic Chiropractic KAIFUKUYA
Address 237-0076 view map
1F , 1-57-4 Funakoshicho, Yokosuka
Area North
TEL/FAX 046-854-5170 / 046-854-5171
Opening Hours 10:00 - 13:00, 15:00 - 20:00 (Walk-Ins accepted until 19:30)
Closed Tuesdays and the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month
Website 1 Website (Japanese only)
Parking available



We give a soft massage along the muscles.
20 minutes : treatment for specific parts such as shoulders or back
40 minutes : total body treatment
60 minutes : total body treatment and specific parts for which you would like to receive treatment

Soles of feet

We stimulate acupressure points on the feet using British and Eastern techniques.
30 minutes : We thoroughly stimulate acupressure points on the feet.
40 minutes : We give treatment on the feet and calves with oil.

Half-spa A sauna for a hip bath

A sauna where you can keep your clothes on. It improves blood circulation. We recommend this treatment for women.
30 minutes 500yen

Message from the Shop

Message from the Staff

You’re always welcome to relax your body.