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Facial, Body, Head Spa, Hair Removal & Organic Shop HILO for Women

We at Salon HILO will counsel and provide you with effective methods to rid you of the fundamental causes of bad skin.

HILO's method includes organic-based Asian-inspired beauty treatments using hand and aromatic therapies. We also provide the latest western-style treatments using our top of the line beautifying devices and equipment.

HILO’s hair removal treatment is done with special formulated gel and exposure to light beams(IPL). Gentle for your skin, less pain, and a short duration. The hair will fall out from its root in about two weeks.

We offer a much better service than treatment with wax hair removal and laser hair removal.

HILO’s effective Photo Facial treatment helps remove wrinkles and acne and also eliminates blotches and freckles caused by ultraviolet rays. Also we provide oil treatment by hand with real organic cosmetic products made in Japan. We want to get you back your original skin!

Shop Name Facial, Body, Head Spa, Hair Removal & Organic Shop HILO for Women
Address 238-0008 view map
2-24-4F Oodaki-cho, Yokosuka
Area Blue Street
TEL/FAX 050-1500-5459 /
Opening Hours 10:00 - 18:00
Closed Sundays & Mondays
Reservation only
Please contact us by email (info@hilo.asia).
Website 1 HILO Website (Japanese only)
Parking available
Credit Cards accepting


Hair removal Menu

Per size (S, M, L), we have three sets for 1 session: a one body area set, a four body areas set, and a seven body areas set. Please pay the fee after the completion of our treatment.
For first time visits, we also require a 3,240 JPY (tax included) counseling fee.
Body area: S size / M size / L size
1 session: 3,300 JPY / 6,600 JPY / 9,900 JPY

Facial / Body Treatment Menu

1. Spot removal / rejuvenation facial by machine: 15,000 JPY
2. Aromatic facial massage by hands with organic cosmetics: 8,000 JPY
3. Cleaning of hair pores and receiving organic plant energy by machine: 8,000 JPY
4. Lift-up facial and body treatment by hand massage: 15,000 JPY

Message from the Shop

Message from the Staff

HILO is also an organic shop for natural beauty. We provide chemical free products, made in Japan: cosmetics, drinks, and organic cotton products.
We are an environmentally conscious company dedicated to supporting our local community.
Our salon HILO is named after a location in Hawaii. Please come and experience our salon's Hawaiian atmosphere. We look forwared to seeing you!