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Japanese Art and Crafts WARAI

Experience Japanese beauty through traditional Japanese crafts.

We specialize in traditional Japanese crafts and other items made through traditional techniques which have been passed down for more than a century! Almost everything in our store is purely handmade.

Shop Name Japanese Art and Crafts WARAI
Address 238-0007 view map
3-7 Wakamatsucho, Yokosuka
Area Chuo Station
TEL/FAX 046-822-6338 / 046-822-6338
Opening Hours 10:00 - 19:00
Closed Sundays
National Holidays
Credit Cards accepting
VISA, Master, Amex, JCB


Pottery, China cup, Mug, Teapot

Japanese pottery has been known by the world since ancient times, and in the late 17th century, it was frequently exported to Europe and the Middle East. We have a large selection of original handmade pottery.


China and Korea have a culture of sharing chopsticks within the family, while in Japan people have their own personal chopsticks at home. As a result, Japan has developed a large variety of different chopsticks for each individual.
We have a wide selection of chopsticks made of wood or bamboo. Get a unique pair for everyone in your family!

Handmade inden Coin Purse, Pen Case, Glasses Case

Inden is a traditional high-class buckskin with a history of over 400 years, originally created in the Kofu district, Yamanashi. Every single inden is made by patterns of lacquer on buckskin and is carefully created by a skillful craftsman. The strength, texture, and weight of an inden is timeless!

Message from the Shop

Message from the Staff

Welcome to Yokosuka!
We have a wide variety of traditional Japanese crafts from throughout the area.
They make for a perfect gift! We are looking forward to your visit.