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TAILEE Shop & Restaurant

Eyebrow shape consultation & shaping: 2,000 yen. We also offer fortune-telling based on Chinese zodiac signs: 5,000 yen for 30 minutes.

At Tailee Shop, we sell jade items. Our specialities include Chinese zodiac sign pendants, rosaries, and cell phone straps.
Jade is known as a stone that will protect people from misfortunes and obstacles in their lives. Jade has been valued since the ancient times because it has been believed to give people wisdom and have effects in increasing cool-headedness and patience. We recommend that you wear jade for your success and prosperity.
Our original sculptures called "Suka-bori" are also on the walls and shelves.

Shop Name TAILEE Shop & Restaurant
Address 238-0051 view map
3-5-11, Iriyamazu, Yokosuka
Area East
TEL/FAX 046-826-3281 / 046-824-3581
Opening Hours 9:00 - 17:00
Closed No fixed closing day
Reservation only
Parking available
Credit Cards accepting
VISA, Master, Amex



Chef's Specialty Box Lunch 1,500 yen
Minimum order of 2 required.
For 5,000 yen, you can have 3 hours of food and some specific drinks from our bar such as beer or Japanese distilled spirits, "shochu". You can also bring your own favorite drinks. (Minimum order of 4 required.)
Please make reservation for these two services at least one day in advance.
We welcome new members to Tailee Restaurant, which comes with additional benefits.

Connie Chou's Accurate Fortune-telling

Taiwanese fortune-teller Connie Chou reads your fortune with Chinese zodiac signs. For more than 30 years, Connie Chou has been running multiple businesses such as fortune-telling, a restaurant, a grocery store, and apartment rentals for navy personnel.
Her fortune-telling has gotten great reviews. Why not have your fortune read over a meal?

Good Location

We are on the top of a hill where you can look out over Iriyamazu Park, the tennis courts, as well as Yokosuka's downtown. In early summer and fall, it's a magnificent sight to see the beautiful, young, and colored leaves of the trees. Please stop by and visit us anytime.

Gourmet Shop Information

Smoking smoking
English Menu available