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SUISEIEN Tea Boutique Studio M3

Our shop specializes in Japanese tea that is generally difficult to manage. The amount of tea leaf we sell is based upon customer's request.

Our shop has been established for 90 years and have been selling various tea leaves that has been passed down for generations.

Shop Name SUISEIEN Tea Boutique Studio M3
Address 237-0068 view map
Suiseien-Chaho, Mitarai-Shoten Bldg. , 1-39 Oppama Honcho, Yokosuka
Area North
TEL/FAX 046-807-2274 / 046-865-3373
Opening Hours 11:00 - 17:00
Closed Sundays, Mondays & the 3rd Thursday of each month


World Honey

The honey in our shop is 100 percent pure honey, or honey picked from one kind flower. The honey is first-class quality delivered from flower gardens all over the world including Japanese mountain cherry (yama-zakura), Spanish lavender and French sunflower.
Superior honey is good for intestine health. Have a healthy lifestyle with one spoonful of honey every day!
A bee produces only one spoon of honey in its lifetime. Treasure and enjoy this natural blessing.
Domestic: cherry, apple, mandarin orange, buckwheat
Imported: lavender (Spain), sunflower (France), acacia (Hungary), coffee (Guatemala)
1200 yen each (plus tax)

Tea from all over the world

Of course we specialize in offering Japanese tea but we also offer black tea, Chinese tea, herbal tea, and many more! We are sure that you will find your favorite tea when you come to our shop.


A high quality extra virgin oil born from Morocco’s fertile land and the Chami Family’s pride (a prestigious family of the Kingdom of Morocco).
Olive oil not only is used for marinated and fried dishes but also can be eaten with French bread and even vanilla ice-cream!
Olive oils are considered healthy ingredients and contain oleic acid which lowers bad cholesterol and prevents oxidative stress, a leading cause of aging.
They are raised in the Kingdom of Morocco using a traditional manufacturing method since biblical times. Take this opportunity to include olive oil as part of your diet.

Message from the Shop

Message from the Owner

Get yourself engrossed in the depth of the tea world.
It is good for focusing and relaxing in your daily lives.