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Shoemaker "The Earth" KUTSU NO CHIKYUDO

We are the only shoe store in Yokosuka district from which you can order custom-made shoes.

Would you like that one perfect pair of shoes that fit right on your feet? You can make custom-made shoes from a wide selection of men’s and women’s shoes and choose from various designs, colors, and materials.
All of our custom-made shoes are carefully designed and made specifically to fit each customer’s feet perfectly.

Shop Name Shoemaker "The Earth" KUTSU NO CHIKYUDO
Address 238-0008 view map
Mikasa-Building , 2-24 Ootakicho, Yokosuka
Area Blue Street
TEL/FAX 046-828-4100 / 046-827-1194
Opening Hours 10:00 - 19:30
Closed Open every day
Parking available
*Please use the toll parking lot "pipo 320" in the basement of the park near Yokosuka City Hall. With a purchase of over 2,000 yen at designated shops, you can get a one hour-free parking voucher.
Credit Cards accepting


A HANDY SHOEHORN with a purchase of 1,000 yen or more




Polite service and clear explanation

Even if you think the shoes can't be repaired, the craftsmen won't refuse your request. If you have favorite shoes or dangerous slippery shoes, then you will have them repaired!
We answer all your questions and requests!

10 minutes to Repair!

The shoes are quickly repaired with a satisfying finish. (840yen-) We have many repeat customers to visit our shop. The shortest time is 10 minutes!

Custom-made shoes

We can accommodate any request from a wide selection of designs, materials, and color combination (or one colored) in accordance with your overall preference.

Message from the Shop

Message from the Craftsmen

We repair any and all kinds of shoes!