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T's Service

Creating cozy homes______________10 year's experience in the US!

T's Service improves the lives of busy people by offering the following services*:

*Cleaning (including kitchen and bathroom)
*Tidying up
*Laundry services (wash and fold)
*Sewing services

We service the areas of Yokosuka and Yokohama and supply all necessary cleaning supplies (except a vacuum).

*Note: Some services are not available. For details, please visit our site: https://tsservice1.wixsite.com/tsservice

Shop Name T's Service
Address 238-0023 view map
Area East
TEL/FAX 070-8309-3625 /
Opening Hours 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed Wednesdays and Fridays
Website 1 T's Service
Credit Cards not yet accepted
Payments can be made via PayPal.


Creating Cozy Homes

We always strive to do our best and meet our customers' needs. Not only do we make your rooms tidier, we also aim to make them easier to use.

Cleaning Supplies Provided

We bring all required cleaning supplies (excluding a vacuum) and can use non-chemical detergents on request.

Sewing Service

We have just launched a sewing service! Please let us know if you need your skirts or pants hemmed or buttons sewed (additional service).

Cleaning Every Corner

We clean every corner of your house as long as it is within reach.

As for air conditioners, if filters are detachable, we can also clean them (additional service), as well as dust the outside of them.

Wash and Fold

We neatly fold, compact, and sort laundry for each family member according to how often certain clothes are worn (additional service).

Message from the Shop

Over 10 years' experience

Having kept rooms clean and cozy for over ten years in the U.S., we are now offering our high-quality services to those living in Yokosuka and Yokohama.

We look forward to helping you with your household needs!