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YOKOSUKA HARRY Acupuncture & Massage Clinic

We will relieve your pain and soothe your muscles with massage and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) such as acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping therapy.

YOKOSUKA HARRY Acupuncture & Massage Clinic opened on Dobuita street in early October, 2019. A licensed father and son will give you treatments.
We will relieve your pain with massage and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) such as acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping therapy.
Our treatments will improve your blood circulation, which will provide more oxygen to your whole body. As a result, our treatments can also have additional positive effects on your whole body besides relieving the pain.
Causes of pain and poor physical conditions vary from person to person. We will give the most appropriate treatment by searching for the causes through communication with our customers.
We have a "Weekly Special", where we offer unique or popular treatments at lower prices than usual. If you would like to try some treatments, it will be a good chance.

Shop Name YOKOSUKA HARRY Acupuncture & Massage Clinic
Address 2380041 view map
3-11 Honcho, Yokosuka
Area Honch and Shioiri
TEL/FAX 046-854-4642 / 046-854-4643
Opening Hours 10:00 - 20:00
Closed Open everyday
(Reservation only on Wednesdays and Thursdays.)
Website 1 Facebook (Japanese only)
Website 2 Website (Japanese only)
Parking not available
Credit Cards accepting
VISA, Master, Amex, Diners, JCB


Cupping Therapy

This is one of many TCMs. Special cupping glasses are used at different points on the body to make a vacuum. That way, 'harmful' blood moves up to just beneath the surface of the skin, which can improve blood flow.

30 min 3,300 yen
60 min 6,050 yen


With massage, we can reduce muscle soreness, improve blood circulation, and the function of internal organs.

We recommend a treatment of more than 60 minutes.

30 min 3,300 yen
60 min 6,050 yen
90 min 8,800 yen
120 min 11,000 yen


Acupuncture is one of the most widely recognized TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Stimulating acupoints will reduce stiffness and improve your body's natural healing power.
This therapeutic treatment is effective, especially when you have persistent stiffness in your lower back or neck.
We sometimes use an electric pulse depending on your physical condition.

60 min 6,050 yen
90 min 8,800 yen
120 min 11,000 yen


Moxibustion is also one of the most widely recognized TCMs. We burn a moxa (refined white fluff from the underside of the mugwort leaf), to warm your body and stimulate acupoints.
This treatment is effective, especially for people who are sensitive to the cold.

60 min 6,050 yen

Message from the Staff

We aim to provide the best possible treatment for all our customers. We carefully consult our customers to establish their condition, and then offer advice for the best treatment available.
Our staff speak English, so there is no need to worry about communication.
Walk-ins are accepted. Please feel free to come anytime.

This week Special.

Acupuncture for Immunity.
¥2,200 / 20 min

Tips of massage

All the blood vessels of the human body have a total length of 100,000 km (62,000 miles).
That's enough to go around the world twice.The size of blood vessels varies enormously,
from a diameter of about 25 mm (1 inch) in the aorta to only 8 μm in the capillaries.
Massage will improves the blood circulation in your blood vessels.

Tips of moxibustion

Moxa is obtained by dryingthe soft part of the leaves of the mugwort plant,which grows wel in Japanese climate.High quality moxa burns at relatively low temperature, so it does not burn the skin, although patients with very moist skin mayoccasionally develop blisters.

Some types of moxibustion cause a slight short stinging sensation,while others provide gentle warmth by being appied to the body for several minutes .
We provide most appropriate method after consultation.

Message from the Shop

Recommend to make a reservation in advance.

If you would like a certain timeframe, please tell us and make an appointment in advance. We will try to arrange the time you