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Karaoke Bar KOJO

Have a relaxing time with singing and drinking.

Everyone, both a repeat and a first-time customer can get along with each other singing together in KOJO.
Even if you don't drink alcohol, you can enjoy karaoke and relax with soft drinks.
Karaoke bars are unique to Japan.
In KOJO: First you order drinks. When you order soft drinks, you only have to pay for the drinks. There is no cover charge.
When you order alcoholic drinks, please be ready to pay for them and a cover charge of 1,000 yen, which includes three kinds of appetizers.
Karaoke: 200 yen per song.
Please enjoy singing and drinking.

Shop Name Karaoke Bar KOJO
Address 2380007 view map
3-9 Wakamatsucho, Yokosuka
Area Chuo Station
TEL/FAX 046-884-8242 /
Opening Hours 18:00-24:00
Closed Sundays
Parking not available
Credit Cards not yet accepted


Cocktail: Yokosuka Brassiere

Yokosuka Brassiere is a cocktail of brandy and ginger ale. It is gaining popularity as a local cocktail.
We serve "repan" which is a sliced baguette with butter and raisins in the center. The "repan" goes very well with Yokosuka Brassier. Why not enjoy it?

Three Kinds of Appetizers

At a Japanese bar, a type of appetizer called "otoshi" is served when you order some form of alcohol. KOJO charges you 1,000 yen for the "otoshi", but we serve three kinds of "otoshi" which change daily. One of them is homemade.
When you order only soft drinks, all you have to pay for is the soft drink itself. You don't have to pay the cover charge.

You can enjoy solo-singing and drinking.

We pay special attention to the surroundings so that you can enjoy your experience. KOJO can be enjoyed with friends or alone.

Message from the Shop

Message from the Staff

We welcome first-time-customers and customers who don't drink alcohol.
Please have an enjoyable time with songs and drinks.

Gourmet Shop Information

Smoking smoking
Seats 16
Parties available
English Menu available