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Kimono Shop TANAKAYA

We have both custom-made and ready-made yukatas, a casual single-layered kimono usually worn in summer, which will fit people of all sizes.

Kimono Shop TANAKAYA has been in business in Yokosuka for more than 100 years. We make traditional silk kimonos naturally and we make washable polyester kimonos as well. These kimonos can be made according to your size with few exceptions.
We have made cotton or linen yukatas for many people who are involved with the Yokosuka US Navel Base and they have given us positive comments about how they enjoyed wearing made-to-order yukatas while taking part in the bon dance in summer.
In addition to kimonos and yukatas, we have other traditional clothing such as working clothes called "samue" and "happi" coats, as well as short split curtains and odds and ends of cloth.
Please try on traditional Japanese clothing while you are in Japan.

Shop Name Kimono Shop TANAKAYA
Address 2380007 view map
3-10 Wakamatsucho, Yokosuka
Area Chuo Station
TEL/FAX 046-822-1665 / 046-874-4965
Opening Hours 10:00 - 19:00
Closed Sundays
Parking not available
Credit Cards accepting
Amex, VISA, Master, JCB



A casual single-layered kimono made from cotton or linen. Our yukatas custom-tailored for you. We are sure that you cannot wait to dance at the bon festival.


Happi is a traditional lightweight short cotton jacket with wide straight sleeves and an open front, usually worn during festivals.
The pronunciation of a Japanese word "happi" is very similar to the English word "happy", which makes it a nice souvenir for you or your friends.
We also have happi coats for children.
Each happi coat comes with a belt and headband.


Samue has its origin in clothing worn by zen monks while they were doing chores. Nowadays samue is often worn as loungewear. Samue come in different materials suitable for each season.

Wataire Hanten

A traditional short winter coat. Hanten is similar to the happi coat but cotton padding is added betwen the outer and inner lining materials. It is light and warm.


Noren is like a short aplit curtain, which can be used as a partition in a house. Noren come in different patterns and materials for every season.
We hope you enjoy them.

Odds and Ends of Cloth

You can find various odds and ends of kimono or obi sash fabric, which can ben used as a nice material for patchwork or dolls.

Message from the Shop

Message from the Staff

Please try on traditional Japanese clothing and enjoy your stay in Japan.