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All You Can Eat -Yakiniku AKAONI

Eat some of your favorite menus with family and friends at AKAONI !

Our restaurant is very popular, especially among Yokosuka base members, through word of mouth. The relaxed environment, all-you-can-eat system with good quality, and you can choose from more than 100 items! We can hold a capacity of 124 people, so we welcome large-scaled parties!

Shop Name All You Can Eat -Yakiniku AKAONI
Address 238-0008 view map
6F ELS Building , 2-17 Odakicho, Yokosuka
Area Blue Street
TEL/FAX 046-825-0944 / 046-825-0944
Opening Hours Lunch: 11:00 - 17:00 (60-minute all-you-can-eat lunch; finishes at 17:00)
Dinner: 17:00 - 23:00 (90-minute all-you-can-eat dinner; finishes at 23:00)
Closed Open every day except Dec 31st & Jan 1st
Parking available
Credit Cards accepting


Grilled Meat Party! All-you-can-eat at a reasonable price!

Lunch (11:00-17:00) 60 minuits
1,520 yen adult (male)(ages 19-64)
1,410 yen adult (female) (ages 19-64)
1,210 yen the elderly (ages 65 years and above)
1,270 yen teenager (ages 13-18)
750 yen child (ages 6-12)
420 yen child (aged 3-5)

210 yen All you can soft drink (D・B)
1,080 yen All you can drink (Alcohol+soft drink)

Dinner (17:00-23:00) 90 minutes
The difference with lunch is adding to sushi, curb and high grade meat.

2,730 yen adult (male) (ages 19-64)
2,620 yen adult (female) (ages 19-64)
2,180 yen the elderly (ages 65 years and over)
2,370 yen teenager (ages 13-18)
1,410 yen child (ages 6-12)
750 yen child (aged 3-5)

210 yen All you can soft drink (D・B)
1,080 yen All you can drink (Alcohol+soft drink)

*The prices as above include taxes.

Choose from more than 100 items!

When you get sick of one flavor, go for another sauce! We have researched and developed sauces for up to three years!
The most difficult point is the amount of garlic used. The perfect balance of garlic gives it the perfect taste!

Richer and sweeter ice cream

Our ice cream is richer and sweeter! After a meal, ice cream is a must! We serve as many as six different flavors of ice cream! Why not try all six!

Message from the Shop

Message from the Staff

We are looking forward to not only Japanese but also all nations visiting our shop!
You eat, drink anything as you like!

Gourmet Shop Information

Lunch available
Smoking smoking
smoking section available
Seats 120
Parties available
English Menu available