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Massage and Acupuncture - SHIOIRI SEIKOTSUIN

Based on our clients' various symptons, we propose the best possible treatment plan for them including acupuncture and moxibustion and carry out those treatments using both traditional and the latest techniques.

We are an osteopathic, acupuncture and moxibustion office located right in front of Shioiri Station.
We give treatment advice based on your physical fitness.
We offer treatment using well-established techniques. With our massage and shiatsu (finger-pressure therapy),
clients realize the effectiveness of the treatment after just one visit. As a result, 100% of our customers say
that they will come again for treatment.
We also offer therapies which are suitable for ladies who would like to improve their physical condition
instead of relying on medicine for relief against women's diseases.

Shop Name Massage and Acupuncture - SHIOIRI SEIKOTSUIN
Address 238-0042 view map
2-32 Shioiricho, Yokosuka
Area Honch and Shioiri
TEL/FAX 046-825-7034 / 046-825-7034
Opening Hours Weekdays: 9:00-12:00, 15:30-20:00
Saturdays: 9:00-12:00, 13:30-18:00
Sundays: 10:00-12:00, 13:30-17:00
Reservations preferred, but walk-ins are accepted 30 min before closing time.
Closed No fixed closing day
Website 1 Website (Japanese only)
Parking not available
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Massage Therapy

This therapy is both beneficial and safe for various ailments including back pain, stiff shoulders, knee pain and others.

You can choose from various treatment options.

30 mins. 5,067 yen
50 mins. 7,776 yen
60 mins. 9,396 yen
90 mins. 14,256 yen

Improvement of pelvic and spinal alignment, Improvement of sports performance

Pelvic distortion may lead to stiff shoulders. If you realign your pelvis, then you can improve your health and appearance.

Approx. 30 mins. 5,400 yen

Facial Acupuncture

It is effective in rejuvenating facial tone, reducing wrinkles and age spots. Facial acupuncture has beccome more popular among celebrities and actresses in Hollywood and around the world.

Facial acupuncture with facial massage 40 mins. 8,900 yen

Please come in for an introductory treatment. The cost of the introductory treatment is 2,160 yen. The treatment include a facial patch test and counselling.

Message from the Shop

Message from the staff

We help improve our customers' whole body condition by using well-established techniques including oriental medicine.

If you have pain in or worries about your body, please come to our office and experience the effectiveness of our treatments.