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&Shop - Balloons, Gifts, and Japanese Lessons

Balloon and gift shop! We also offer casual Japanese lessons

We create special items using balloon art for your order. We also have small gifts suitable for children, friends, and family.
You can find a wide selection of materials for interior decorations on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.
We are located on the opposite side of Mikasa Park's entrance. Please come see us on your way in or out of the partk.

Shop Name &Shop - Balloons, Gifts, and Japanese Lessons
Address 238-0004 view map
Nick Heim Mikasa Koen #103 , 27-1 Ogawacho, Yokosuka
Area Chuo Station
TEL/FAX 046-884-8808 /
Opening Hours 10:00 - 17:00
Closed No fixed closing day
Website 1 Facebook
Credit Cards accepting
VISA, Master, Amex, JCB


Balloon Arrangement

One of our customers ordered a balloon arrangement for her grandmother's 100th birthday. The grandma put the present on her TV and enjoyed it for a few months even after her birthday party. It provided her with great memories.
Balloons are useful as gifts or decorations. Since they are such long-lasting presents, we have many repeat customers who hold them in high regard.
We also have very popular anime character balloons. They make for the perfect decoration in your children's room.


A manicurist comes to our shop to offer you her professional services (Gel-nail, pedicure, etc.) (Appointments by reservation only, 3,000 yen)
You can set up the time in order for you to receive the treatment while you are waiting for a balloon arrangement, or before/after your Japanese lesson.
Call us anytime to make a reservation to improve your beauty!

Japanese Lessons

The picture on the left shows a casual Japanese lesson (500 yen for 60 mins).
In addition, we offer several types of lessons such as intensive Japanese lessons, Japanese in the workplace, or Japanese for children.
Casual Japanese lesson fee: 500 yen / 60 mins.
Other lesson fees vary according to the lesson type.

Message from the Shop

Shop's entrance

Our shop is easy to find by the balloons out in front.